The WaterLESS Beauty Movement: Redefining Skincare for a Sustainable Future

The WaterLESS Beauty Movement and Why It Matters.

"Wait-up, did you peeps even realize that the water used for making our favorite beauty products is hurting the planet?"

This poignant comment and dozens like it surfaced in reaction to a recent article that unveiled the alarming carbon footprint of water usage in the beauty industry that NO ONE is talking about-yet.

According to the United Nations, nearly two-thirds of the world's population will live in water-stressed areas in the coming years. In 2024, the conversation about the Beauty industry's water consumption and waste remains largely under-explored. Enter Amanda Thompson, the dynamic and passionate Founder and CEO of KICK PEACH BEAUTY who is spearheading conversation and activating the waterLESS beauty movement with unparalleled zeal.

This image features a woman in a white tank top, splashing water on her face with her hands.  The image features the water as the primary point of reference.

Understanding WaterLESS Beauty

As the Founder and CEO of KICK PEACH BEAUTY, Amanda Thompson is on a mission to revolutionize the beauty industry through the waterLESS beauty movement—a term she coined to encapsulate awareness and action surrounding water use and waste across the beauty supply chain. It is estimated that the Beauty industry consumes 78 billion liters of water per year and that doesn't account for water used upstream in ingredient cultivation, water used by individuals in their beauty routines, and water used to dispose of beauty products.

While sustainability in the beauty industry has forged its way as a hot topic, KICK PEACH BEAUTY is taking aim at evolving that discussion. Yet even going into 2024, most consumers are largely unaware of the impact surrounding water use and waste when it comes to their beauty routine.  

Here's why it matters along with a few simple things you can do to reduce the water in your daily beauty routine and waterLESS!

Why it Matters

Astonishingly, most skincare products contain between 65-90% water. While hydration is essential, and some water is good the excess water found in most skincare formulations can dilute active ingredients, often necessitates bulkier packaging, and inflates the overall carbon footprint of beauty.

It's important to note that water use and waste extends far beyond the final product when it comes to the Beauty industry. It's important to evaluate water use and waste at each phase of the supply chain both upstream and downstream from production.  From ingredient cultivation to production, shipping, personal use, and disposal, every phase of the beauty supply chain demands water and it is estimated that 90% of water used in the Beauty industry goes to waste.  Which is shocking given that most final products are 65-90% water!  Think about that cycle for a moment. 90% of water used is wasted to produce products that are made of 65-90% water?  

This is an image of water waste in commercial production and highlights six large pipes dumping large amounts of water.

As a consumer understanding water impact is murky at best when it comes to understanding the overall impact of water use and waste in the products you purchase.  The Beauty industry is grappling with how to approach this and as of today there are no regulating bodies that effectively track this within the industry itself, which makes labeling and transparency to the consumer challenging.  It's why brands like KICK PEACH BEAUTY have leaned into the concept of waterLESS beauty to develop the ideation that water conservation in Beauty isn't solely about reducing the final product's water content; it's about curating a movement of awareness and action to advocate for impact of water use and waste in the industry as a whole with emphasis on standardizing and communicating impact to consumers.  The road is long and there are many steps to take along the journey but it is essential for the planet as water resources remain the same as they did thousands of years ago but our population continues to expand.

However, you don't need to wait for the future to take action now, there are some simple things you can do right now to join the waterLESS movement today.   


Here are a Few Things You Can Do Right Now to Conserve Water In Your Beauty Routine.

#1 Streamline Your Skincare Routine

Paring down your skincare routine not only saves water but it can also save time and money while also improving the appearance of your skin. A win-win all the way round. Streamlining your skincare routine allows you to reduce the total number of products and steps in your skincare routine without sacrificing the results you desire.

To start skincare streaming, evaluate your routine overall and think through steps and products that could be removed or combined.  For example, if you find yourself using a Hyaluronic Acid serum, then following with a Niacinamide serum, then a moisturizer, and then a facial oil; think about how you can combine these four steps into two by opting for multi-tasking formulations.  

One of the easiest ways to streamline your skincare routine is to combine products.  It reduces bottles and steps which ultimately reduces water use and waste, albeit they may have a net neutral on your beauty budget since active ingredients are combined. So instead of a $14 one note serum, another $26 one-note serum, and a $48 moisturizer you may have a $65 all-in-one formula.

Another way to streamline your skincare routine is to evaluate product necessity in your routine.  Unfortunately, the rise of social media has led many of us to thinking that more is better when it comes to a skincare routine and that isn't always the case.  Remember, the stat above that 65-90% of skincare is water?  Streamlining your skincare routine allows you to revisit which products are actually helping your skin feel and look it's healthiest.  

Do you really need five different types of masks?  How about acids?  Streamlining your skincare routine overall by removing steps can also have a positive impact to your overall skin health as skin works to naturally restore balance without disruption from the continual overuse of skincare products.

#2 Opt for Waterless Skincare and Beauty Formulations

This one is an easy one and goes without saying, using final formulations made without water has a direct impact on overall water use and waste in the supply chain.  Here are a few simple swaps to make in your routine and some of our favorites.

This is an image of four waterless formulations including a waterless shampoo bar by Kitsch, a powdered hand soap by Made Up Gossip, a lotion bar by Eco Roots, and the PM POWER PACK by Kick Peach Beauty.

#3 Combine Shipping When You Order Online 

Many consumers don't think about water use and waste used in the shipping of beauty products.  Remember the stat above?  Most skincare is 65-90% water? Water is heavy to transport and weight is a large factor in transportation costs, overall carbon emissions, and water use and waste.  Let alone, when you think about water use and waste to ship products made largely of water, it usually stops to give consumers pause.  

When you can, combine orders.  This means order three months of your favorite products at a time or if you shop in a Marketplace environment like Hive, Thrive, or Amazon combine orders to reduce on the amount of water use and waste in the transport process.

#4 Use Less Water in Your Daily Routine

This is an obvious one for most when thinking about water use and waste overall. Yet, in today's busy and hectic pace, this may be the first time you have really given thought to your daily water use, pattern. Let alone, how you use water in your skincare routine.  Here is a great list on how to conserve water in your daily routine and waterLESS.

  • Turn water off while brushing your teeth or shaving.
  • Put a glass bottle in your toilet tank to save water on each flush.
  • Use a bowl or stopped sink to clean makeup brushes vs. free wash + rinse.
  • Install low-flow shower heads to reduce overall water at each shower
  • Leverage the cold plunge movement and start your shower while water is cold but warming.
  • Here are more creative ways.

2024 will be a milestone year in the waterLESS beauty movement's evolution and KICK PEACH BEAUTY is poised to lead the charge, transforming the beauty industry one waterLESS step at a time.  Want to join us in the movement?  Start with these tips and join our online Instagram community.




**KICK PEACH BEAUTY does not receive affiliate commissions from products mentioned in this article. The products here are products we have tried, used, and loved.  We believe in supporting other brands that are making an impact in the waterLESS movement and we love to share them with you. Here is where you can buy them:

Kitsch Shampoo + Conditioning bars

Made Up Gossip Powdered Body Washes + Cleansers

Eco Roots Lotion Bar

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