This is an image of Founder + CEO, Amanda Thompson.  She is wearing a peach colored dress and smiling.
This photo includes beads of water pooled on a peach backdrop.


The number one question, I have constantly been asked in my 15 years of experience in the skincare + beauty industry is- "Why do I feel like my skincare just doesn't work?"

It's a good question! What I learned might surprise you too!

Determined to solve this question, Amanda immersed herself in research that led her to one consistent finding.  

Most skincare products contain 65-90% water. 

While water has many benefits for the skin, it is often used in excess as bulk filler in  skincare + beauty cosmetics to give the perception of value or longevity. Resulting in diluted formulas bulked up by water, emulsifiers, + preservatives. Is all of this excess water, the culprit behind our watered-down results?

Amanda wanted to completely reimagine the way we care for our skin, maximizing expected results while creating a positive impact on the environment all at the same time.  

Looking across the market Amanda spotted a unique opportunity within the emerging waterless segment of beauty + her idea was born.  She curated a novel base formula of powder-based proven ingredients + partnered with a top skincare formulator to create the proprietary, patent-pending PM POWER PACK.  

This reimagined concept means that a simplified, topical skincare product that only contains skin-loving, ingredients.  No preservatives.  No emulsifiers.  No fragrance.  No oils.  No dyes. No B.S. (bad stuff).

A waterless formula means less water consumed, wasted + transported across the supply chain, reducing container size, + eliminating the need for straws, lids +pumps. Making the PM POWER PACK, a KICK PEACH skincare product for you + our environment.

This is an image of the PETA Animal Test-Free and Vegan logo surrounded by a peach circle.  KICK PEACH BEAUTY is honored to be partnered with the PETA Beauty Without Bunnies program.

Cruelty-Free + Vegan

PETA Beauty Without Bunnies.

This is a gluten-free logo surrounded in a peach circle.  KICK PEACH BEAUTY is proud to be gluten-free.


Made With Gluten-Free Ingredients.


If it doesn't KICK PEACH, we don't do it. Skincare is more than routine, it helps you put your best face forward.


Reimagined skincare starts with new experiences, innovative products, and visible results.


Life is too short to use products you don't enjoy. It's why we believe in a 100% happiness guarantee.


Serving you is our joy + we love to connect with you. Stay connected and we promise to do the same.