Amanda Thompson, Founder + CEO of KICK PEACH BEAUTY

Amanda Thompson, Founder + CEO of KICK PEACH BEAUTY

Meet Amanda Thompson, a skincare maverick with a kick-peach vision, taking the beauty industry by storm! 

This is an image of Founder + CEO, Amanda Thompson.  She is wearing a peach colored dress and smiling.

Amanda Thompson isn't your typical CEO. She's a dynamic force of nature who fell in love with skincare at an early age and set out to truly blaze a trail within the fiercely competitive realm of beauty. 

Her insatiable curiosity paired with data-driven research and intuitive leadership, is creating meaningful disruption in the beauty industry. After 15+ years in the beauty industry, she faced one common question from friends and clients alike, “Why does my skincare feel like it doesn’t do anything?”  It is a simple, but powerful question.  Why isn’t our skincare working? This frustration led her to a shocking truth: most skincare is watered down, diluting results and value.  Not to mention the environmental impact of excess water use, waste, and transport. 

This research prompted her to curate the innovative waterLESS beauty brand, KICK PEACH BEAUTY. The name isn't just a coincidence – it's a double entendre that embodies Amanda's kick-peach spirit and determination to reimagine the way we care for our skin while also doing better for our environment. 

However, Amanda's story goes beyond her professional accomplishments. Amidst curating media attention as an entrepreneur and generating buzz about KICK PEACH BEAUTY, the most meaningful titles she carries are loving wife to Brad; Bonus Mom to Ander, Margaux, and Alec; and doting dog mom to Ole (pronounced Oh-lee), the spirited ginger labradoodle.

Amanda's journey is a testament to turning dreams into reality, identifying opportunities in the marketplace, and the power of truly stepping into a life that KICKS PEACH.


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