The Power of Emotional Intelligence in Marketing

The Power of Emotional Intelligence in Marketing

Written:  June 21, 2024

Only 20% of your success at work comes from your Intelligence Quotient or IQ, where as upwards of 60% comes from your Emotional Quotient, or EQ.

When it comes to building a brand, leading with Emotional Intelligence or EQ is important. When you came to build the best waterless beauty brand on the market- it is everything.

At KICK PEACH BEAUTY, Emotional Intelligence is woven deeply into the fabric of our DNA.  From our leadership, to our culture, to our products our mission is to curate products and a community the simply, KICK PEACH (a nice way of saying, can figure it out).

When business operate leveraging high Emotional Intelligence it curates a culture that fosters psychological safety and nurtures innovation; while delighting customers at every interaction.

In a recent article by CMS Wire, our Founder + CEO talks openly about how KICK PEACH BEAUTY is using Emotional Intelligence to drive creative, thoughtful, and consumer-centric marketing efforts that goes beyond the fluff of most beauty brands.  



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